19 March 2011

Wow, okaaaaaaay it's been a year. I officially suck. SORRY.

Ahem. So, first of all, I'm sorry about murdering my website by way of extreme neglect. Bad me. I actually still don't have a lot of time/opportunity for music at the moment, so there's nothing incredibly exciting, but I DO have a couple of new bits and pieces on the 'Miscellaneous' playlist. (Joy. I love how you can just put anything and everything under the "MISC" hat, no matter how wildly different those things are, and it's completely acceptable.) Just some external projects I've been working on. I have some songs on the go, as always, but still no recordings of any of them! ACK I really really do officially suck. D: But... it's ok, I think. Because there are other happy awesome things, such as the fact that I got married this year. Isn't that cool. :) Yes. Anyway. I'm working on a soundtracks to a few games by Jonas Kyratzes. You know him. He was the brains behind the Desert Bridge game. I'm quite excited about these new projects and I'm sure they will be wondrous indeed.


Yep, still alive.

28 February 2010

It's been a while. Yes, yes, a very LONG while. But I am still here! And I am PINK again, just like the days of olde. Yes. I finally scrambled together a new website. I'm not completely sure if I like these colours, or the image at the top, or anything really, but it's all good enough for now.

The old website, as you probably know by now, was repeatedly hacked and I had to take it all down. I lost most of the content. So I refuse to use Wordpress anymore - far more trouble than it's worth! This will be more tedious to update, but at least I know there are no back doors for hackers!

Very little is new in my musical world. I am still taking a long break from music. I just can't summon up the energy for it these days. I would like to come back to it with a fresh mind. I still love The Cocoon with all my heart and have not given up on it! I'm not sure about Awakening. I won't be releasing it as originally intended. I've been considering just going ahead and releasing an EP of odd bits and bobs, which would probably include Awakening, Ode to my Cake, Borrowed Wings, Nowhere, The Message, and Noted Absence of Fairy Godmother. But I'm not sure if I want to do that. Furthermore, I don't have the finances to produce any CDs right now anyway, so it's just as well I'm undecided. ;)

Music Fail aside, I have been doing a lot of Things. STUFF LIKE photography, and illustration, and card-making (and you will find some of those in the "video & images" section of the site, if you're interested).